Cycle Ireland Days 26 & 27: Galway to Clifden to Tully Cross

Our return to Galway was successful, with my spoke fixed and wheel rebalanced. All is well. A pleasant bus ride brought us to the small town of Clifden. Clifden is best known as the closest town to where Alcock and Brown landed their plane after being the first to fly across the Atlantic in 1919. Somewhat ignominiously, they crash landed having mistaken a bog for a meadow. Clifden is also proud of its Connemara ponies, which frankly just looked like horses to me but I guess they’re special.

Today we rode 50 km (30 miles). Amusingly, after going 36 km we reached a road sign indicating we were 6 km from Clifden. We took the scenic route!

Keeping Track of Where We Are

You can see our progress at: Joy and Tony’s Ireland Wild Atlantic Way 2017

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