About Us

Periodic thoughts of ephemeral value from the bike lane

We use this blog site to keep folks apprised of our major lifestyle change, including the challenges of giving up 80% of everything we own, periodic insights about traveling the world as our new full-time “job”, and any other random thoughts that occur to us from the bike lane.

About Tony Navarrete

Imagine something pithy and witty. In the meantime, read this:

Prior to retiring, Tony was a thought leader in IT business management strategies. Tony brings a unique combination of in-depth product expertise and real-world IT experience to product management and service definition. He has more than 21 years of experience in IT and has held director positions in several IT areas, including customer support, networking, and the CIO’s office.  Tony’s work experience spans large, complex IT organizations such as Stanford University as well as small, fast-paced start-ups, global software companies, and the venture capital industry.

About Joy Mundy

Imagine something pithy and interesting.

Contacting us

We’ve kept our cell numbers and our personal email addresses. You can reach us via email at the following alumni.stanford.edu email accounts:

  • tonyn
  • joymundy

4 thoughts on “About Us

    1. Hello Djoni, thank you for following our blog. Yes, Tony and I plan to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary during our big trip across the country.


  1. I ran into Joy and Tony on the Thames Valley trail in London, Ontario just before noon today. They are going strong, and will be in Woodstock, my father’s hometown, tonight, Hamilton soon, then Niagara Falls soon after.

    As someone who has maxed out at a 500 km bike ride, I’ve got lots of admiration and envy for them.

    Safe travels, Ted


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