Cycle Ireland Days 16 and 17: Dunquin to Dingle to Tralee

Friday was a great day: sunny, cool, a light wind. We left the hamlet of Dunquin on the tip of the Dingle peninsula only to stop a mile or so later to visit the Blasket cultural center. This lovely museum chronicles life on the Blasket island, which can be summarized as harsh, cold, and spiritually uplifting. Some 20 islanders authored books in the late 19th and early 20th century, which is an impressive literary output given the island’s population of 200.

Our imaginations brimming with stories about the islanders’ hardships, we continued on our way past cliffs, golden beaches, brilliant sea, and craggy hillsides. And sheep.

The highlight of the day was The Oratory, an early church that was just amazing. Constructed of corbelled dry stonework — which means basically a pile of rocks with no mortar — it has stood the centuries in near perfect condition.

After a nice lunch in a pub in the middle of nowhere, we glided into Dingle for a welcome Dingle Gin tonic and Dingle Vodka tonic.

Saturday was a more challenging day, beginning with a big hill (which actually wasn’t that bad), but then devolving into Cold and Wet. We had to break out the rain ponchos again, which we both really dislike. As Californians we never cycled in the rain. And I do not like it.

Atop Connor pass, just before the rain began

Keeping Track of Where We Are

You can see our progress at: Joy and Tony’s Ireland Wild Atlantic Way 2017

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