Cycle Ireland Day 11: Kenmare to Caherdaniel

Sunday 7 May 2017

What a beautiful day: sun (mostly), lovely scenery, interesting sights. Today was a standout day on a generally great trip.

We are cycling the Ring of Kerry for the next few days. Ring of Kerry is marketing for the scenic route around the Iveragh peninsula of County Kerry. It is indeed quite scenic, interesting rock formations and great views of the sea.

Our favorite stop was, somewhat surprisingly, not for tea and sweets. No, it was the Staigue Fort, a few miles off our route up a steep lane. But the climb was worth it, such an interesting place. It was constructed around 500-1000 BC and it is amazingly well preserved. Love the criss-crossing stairs.

Joy guards the entrance
A panorama from inside
Tony climbs the stairs inside

We finally reached our resting spot with a glorious view of Kenmare Bay. Plenty of time to fix Tony’s slow leaking tire, the most beautiful spot ever for a bike repair.

Joy fixes Tony’s flat


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