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Updated: September 26, 2016

Wondering where we are, how far we’ve gone and other kinds of interesting numbers? This is your page! We’ll update this page every few days with new stats.

You can use the interactive map below see how far we’ve gotten (at least, whenever we have enough connectivity to add another waypoint) by following this link:

Along the way, we are snapping photos and noting waypoints (points of interest, places we’re staying for the night, etc.).


Overall Trip Stats as of: September 26, 2016

  • Location: Bedford, NH (Karen & Tom Grimmett)
  • Total Distance: 4201 miles
  • Total Climbed: 169,139 feet
  • Cycling Days: 95
  • Flat tires: 7; 2 tires replaced
  • Other bike issues: 2 broken spokes; 2 chain re-tensioning (bottom bracket issues); 1 broken bike pump
  • Max climb in one day: 4,019 (cycling day 5)
  • Max altitude: 12,000 feet, Loveland Pass, CO. This record will stand.
  • Max temp: 111 (Aug 3)
  • Target splashdown: Oct 1, York Maine. About 70 miles remaining in two cycling days!


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