Cycle Ireland Days 21 & 22: To Doolin and Kinvarra

The last two days, from Kilkee to Doolin and then Kinvarra, were as pleasant as cycle touring gets. Not too hot or cold, a little rain but not enough to pull out the dreaded ponchos, enough hills to earn a good dinner, and nice scenery. Not the most dramatic scenery in the world, but perfectly nice. (Dramatic scenery tends to come with steep hills!)

The landscape, geology, and rocks have changed over the course of our journey. We have left slate country and though we’re still in sedimentary rock it’s quite different. The differences show up in the rock walls that pattern the countryside. The countryside has been smoothed by glaciers, with green undulating hills that occasionally end in dramatic drops to the sea, as in the Cliffs of Moher.

Irish music

One of the trip’s cultural highlights was music at last night’s pub in Doolin, which turns out to be a hotspot of traditional Irish music (who knew?). Such a great sound, a trio of banjo + violin + uilleann pipes (some kind of weird bagpipe-ish thing that looks complicated to play).

Today’s ride, like yesterday, was entirely pleasant. Here are a few photo highlights:

We are continuing to have a great time.

2 thoughts on “Cycle Ireland Days 21 & 22: To Doolin and Kinvarra

  1. I’m enjoying following your Ireland adventure and am now motivated to say that I have been in Doolin cave (as well as hiking the Cliffs of Moher, and sampling and listing to music in the Doolin pubs). Did you notice that the pubs have seats marked as reserved for musicians?

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    1. I’m glad you enjoy our wanderings and musings. We didn’t notice the seats reserved for musicians, but that’s pretty cool. It is certainly a money maker for the pubs, even without a cover charge. First time we’ve seen a pub that’s full on a Wednesday night! The music was great.


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