Cycle Ireland Day 2: Kinsale to Clonakilty

Today began with a huge Irish breakfast at our B&B in Kinsale, accompanied by a long and rambling conversation with our host Jimmy. Topics included religion; politics; scandals local, national, and international; and good places to eat and hear music. We ended up starting pretty late.

It was a lovely ride of 29 miles, not intolerably hilly, though the hills are sometimes quite steep. The landscape was lovely and so very green. Lots of cows, who seemed happy but perhaps not as happy as California cows.

We visited the ruins of Timoleague Abbey after a late lunch. The abbey buildings themselves were mildly interesting, but Tony and I were enchanted by the way the locals have turned the entire site into a cemetery, within the ruined walls of the church, priory, cloister, every little room.

Ride on the left

We are doing a good job of remembering to ride on the left. It’s easy out in the countryside, but instincts are still wrong when we are dealing with complex intersections with heavy traffic inside towns. We tend to be extremely careful and cross away from the worst intersections, even if it means we have to backtrack.

Drivers are not as nice as in Spain or Bali, but generally much more considerate than in the US. Thus far the roads of the Wild Atlantic Way are narrow and traffic is usually light. But sometimes there’s a surge of traffic, or a particularly impatient driver. Can you picture an impatient Irish driver? Anyone driven in Boston?

Keeping Track of Where We Are

You can see our progress at: Joy and Tony’s Ireland Wild Atlantic Way 2017

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