Planning for Splashdown

We have decided to end our TransAm on 1 October 2016. We even know where and what time: Long Sands Beach in York, Maine, around 11a.

No, we haven’t revolutionized our logistical planning enough that we have every moment of the next 3 weeks mapped out. Rather, we’ve picked an end point and date, and are working to fill in the time between now and then. We anticipate exploring the beauty of New England in September. Especially once this unseasonable heat breaks.

Thanks to the fabulous organizational skills of Karen Grimmett — who with her husband Tom is an old friend and colleague of Warren’s — we do have the final day choreographed. We will do a short final ride, meet some folks, take our splashdown photo, and then repair to a nearby lobster shack for lobster rolls and beer. Yum! Several people will be joining us, so we’re committed to this finale. Let us know if you think you can join us for Splashdown, and we’ll provide the details.

As I write this, we are in Rochester, NY, about 500 miles from York (according to the Google Lady). Tomorrow we’re heading towards Watkins Glen, and on to Seneca Falls and Syracuse. Tony is called to pilgrimage to Cooperstown. Then we’ve laid out a route up through the Adirondacks to Lake Champlain, where we’ll take the ferry to Burlington, VT. Depending on how long all that takes us, we’ll either head directly to the coast, or meander a bit more.

Our motivation for this epic journey was our love of Warren and our desire to raise money for brain cancer research. Please consider making a donation.

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