Our inspiration

Tomorrow, 1 May 2016, Tony and Joy’s awesome adventure begins. We are leaving San Francisco on our bicycles, heading for the Atlantic. In the midst of all the preparation, errands, and breakfast/lunch/dinner with family and friends, I want to pause to recognize again the inspiration for the changes in our lives: Warren Thornthwaite.

2008 Warren declaring victory…before the race starts.
WT at the races

Warren died of brain cancer two years ago. I miss him, and will always miss him. All cancers are terrible, but brain cancer and Glioblastoma Multiform (GBM) are particularly awful. GBM’s prognosis is extremely poor, but the good news is that new technologies and treatments on the horizon may provide hope for future patients. One of the most amazing things about Warren was his persistent optimism for those technologies: his belief that he would beat the odds. “Someone has to be the outlier.” Although Warren wasn’t the outlier in terms of GBM outcome, he will always be the star to which Tony and I aspire to live our lives.

Our bicycle ride across the country is dedicated to Warren, and we have an ambitious goal of raising $20,000 for brain cancer research at the National Tumor Society. We have already raised over $12,000! Please consider making a donation. Just follow this link: http://braintumorcommunity.org/goto/warrent.

2 thoughts on “Our inspiration

  1. Thank you, Joy and Tony, for your remembrance of Warren and your dedication to helping find a cure for GBM. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and sending you off in celebration. It’s extra special that it is “Wildflower Weekend” – the triathlon events he enjoyed and where the above picture was taken. Leaning on the finish chute, cheering others into the finish line, after the challenges of that tri course – especially if one has just come in themselves – it’s one of the best feelings ever. WT loved whooping it up for each participant. I’ll be cheering you two on each day with that same reverence and appreciation.


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